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May your journey through this space call you home to the self and inspire you to encounter your existence as one beautiful, living altar...


Born out of a brave step into the unknown, a deep reverence for nature and a desire to journey home to the innate feminine, The LHK online space evolves and unfurls in representation and honour of this very journey. 

With a focus on natural beauty, sustainability, ceremony, plant medicine and conscious collaboration, LHK online offerings evoke a sense of healing, freedom, kindness and style Whilst encouraging a heart-led existence. May they lead you to connect with the healing intelligence of our natural earth and encourage you to live in harmony with your inner and outer environment. 


With a strong belief that the connection to nature evokes a deeper connection to the self, the offerings you will discover in this space are carefully designed and selected to foster a sense of ceremony. 

meet clare

Clare Johns, founder of The Little Holistic Kitchen, is an holistic energy practitioner, ceremonial facilitator and plant medicine devotee. 

With a belief that kindness and collaboration will usher us forward in our ever uncertain world, her passion is to lead those who are willing toward the bounty of nature and plant medicine so that we may foster the love for ourselves that’s so vital to evolve as an awakened humanity. 





An opportunity to open the door into the world of essential oils. Discover the synergy between our body systems and these botanical compounds with the choice to browse the ANOINT collection for aromatic dressing or take a deeper journey into the world of doterra oils by joining Clare's growing community and making great savings.



Each item in the store is inspired by the empowerment of the creative feminine. With a philanthropic stance, some items will offer a charitable donation or be not-for-profit to a cause close to the hearts of myself and those I collaborate with. Always with a sense of helping others, supporting causes that inspire and aid the collective feminine. Each item seeks to bring a sense of self care, self love and ritualistic appreciation to the consumer and instil the collaborative love of sisterhood to their consciousness. 

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Created and held both online and in person to facilitate a space to connect within. A communal occurrence, yet deeply personal. You are guided to gently scale your inner landscape with a soft arrival into the heart space, the home of your soul, so you may encounter your inner whisperings while being held and supported by myself, my collaborators and the others that are present in the sacred circle. 

You carry boundless love in your heart,
remember to save a little for yourself.



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