Born out of a brave step into the unknown, a deep reverence for nature and a desire to journey home to the innate feminine, The LHK online space evolves and unfurls in representation and honour of this very journey. 


With a focus on natural beauty, sustainability, ceremony, plant medicine and conscious collaboration, LHK online offerings evoke a sense of healing, freedom, kindness and style Whilst encouraging a heart-led existence. May they lead you to connect with the healing intelligence of our natural earth and encourage you to live in harmony with your inner and outer environment. 


With a strong belief that the connection to nature evokes a deeper connection to the self, the offerings you will discover in this space are carefully designed and selected to foster a sense of ceremony.  Whether the acquisition of an artisanal piece, the arrival to a ceremonial gathering or the moment a botanical compound arrives in your senses, The energy behind it all is a careful cultivation of alchemy, creativity, style, sister hood, balance and botany. Understanding that we can be a work in healing progress and still access all of the peace and beauty that lives innately within us. 


With a strong resonance with the energy of philanthropy, opportunities are sought to use wealth in the most heart led means possible. Each offering found here has, in some way, supported, empowered or aided a person or group on this planet. Long may we continue to evolve this. 



Clare Johns, founder of The Little Holistic Kitchen, is an holistic energy practitioner, ceremonial facilitator and plant medicine devotee. 


With a belief that kindness and collaboration will usher us forward in our ever uncertain world, her passion is to lead those who are willing toward the bounty of nature and plant medicine so that we may foster the love for ourselves that’s so vital to evolve as an awakened humanity. 


With a passion for natural beauty, sacred ritual and divine femininity, Clare is continuously evolving through her own healing journey and sharing the fruits of this through the offerings you find here. Showcasing talent and creativity in others and the artisans who create the stunning pieces in the store and welcoming all who wish to slow down and listen within. 


May a part of this space touch your heart.


“The first time I ever experienced reiki was with Clare and she completely put me at ease straight away. The room, the energy and the environment were perfect. Working with Clare allows me the space to be truly 'held' by someone else, it's so powerful. Speaking as someone who struggles to relax, I find the effects of reiki last far beyond the time we spend together and have caused a huge positive shift in my life.


Having reiki with Clare is a true gift.