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To get the most out of your Hand Blended Body Scrub, store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight or intense heat. 

During the summer months you can refrigerate to prevent the coconut oil from turning to liquid.

If this happens just mix the salt and oil back together as the mixture cools. Your scrub will be good as new again. 

In colder weather your scrub will harden. This is all a natural part of choosing such a raw and natural product. Simply sit your jar on a radiator or a heated floor for a short while before use to soften up. 

Apply to your skin whilst dry for best results. If you want it a little less course on the skin you can dampen slightly before application.


Just be aware that too much water will dissolve the salt and you won't get that scrubby feeling. 


TAKE CARE when stepping in and out of bath and shower when using your scrub as it can make surfaces more slippery.




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