Created and held both online and in person to facilitate a space to connect within.

A communal occurrence, yet deeply personal. You are guided to gently scale your inner landscape with a soft arrival into the heart space, the home of your soul, so you may encounter your inner whisperings while being held and supported by myself, my collaborators and the others that are present in the sacred circle. 


When you attend online, you experience the ceremony in the comfort of your own home or space. You are guided on how to curate a peaceful environment for yourself and have the option to choose total privacy by keeping your camera and sound off and just receiving the guidance without the need to participate verbally or visually. You a re then also very close to bed for a dreamy night’s sleep. 

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If you prefer the presence and connection of other like minded souls, you may wish to experience an in person gathering. All in person gatherings are subject to ever changing world guidelines and will adhere to covid safety as the highest priority. 

“the most precious offering of love one can give at a time of heightened emotion in another is neutrality… not trying to comfort , fix or discredit the feelings but simply to sit with an open heart and allow those feelings to be deeply seen and heard.”

No upcoming events at the moment


The online ceremony I attended with Clare was quite possibly one of the most wonderful guided meditations I've ever experienced. For those blissful moments, I was truly transported from my bedroom floor and immersed into the beauty of nature.

Thank you for everything you put into this incredible experience.