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Aligning with this incredible company has been life changing for me in so many ways.


Having always used and had a vested interest in essential oils for myself and in my work I was always excited to discover just how pure, integral and transparent a company could be. I have certainly hit the jackpot for all of the above with dōTERRA.


The essential oil industry is largely un-legislated meaning that what is sold as pure is rarely that. We really do have a product we can trust here and that excites me so much. dōTERRA's rigorous and transparent testing methods, humanitarian focus when sourcing their growers, the help they offer them and the clever, enterprising and lucrative business model offered to absolutely anybody who wants to share the joys of these wonderful oils is truly a gift of the earth. 

Sharing the oils, natural lifestyle opportunities and business model has become such a passion to me. It's difficult not to want to spread my knowledge and experiences far and wide and I find that becomes so infectious with anybody who connects with the oils. I love to watch the shift I see in people when they see the profound effects these exquisite oils can have on so many aspects of their lives. it truly is a movement that I, for one, am proud to be a part of pioneering.

Whether you just want to buy a few oils for yourself, create a monthly wellness box bespoke to your needs and receive generous rewards in return, share the oils with your nearest and dearest and earn yourself enough money to pay for your own oil use or take a serious path into leadership within the company and step into a business which can offer you abundant financial freedom, I can support your journey.


it would be my pleasure
with love,
Clare xo


Clare introduced me to doTERRA oils and I've never looked back! Her knowledge of the oils and their benefits is boundless but not intimidating at all. She allowed me the space to take the oils at my own time but also the security and sanctuary of asking for support when I need it.


The whole experience of introducing the oils has been an absolute joy and Clare is the icing on the cake! 


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