Wed, 28 Oct | Zoom

Full Moon Frenzy Online Meditation

An online, group gathering to collectively ground our energies in preparation for an intense and auspicious Full Blue Moon at Sahmain.
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Full Moon Frenzy Online Meditation

Time & Location

28 Oct 2020, 20:00 GMT

About the Event

When we gather, connect and set intentions as a group, we cultivate great momentum. My hope is that sitting together on this evening for a short time will start us off on the best foot as the full moon begins to rise in our skies. 

Grounding our energy, harnessing the aspects of the moon and preparing from an informed and loving space can have profound effects as we traverse this heightened energy period. The energy begins to build 3 days before the actual full moon and can be felt for up to 3 days after. To learn more about this, go to my latest journal post...

This session is designed to create calm and inner knowing from the beginning of the energy period. To empower you to remain in a higher vibration and to foster practices that will fortify your journey through the full moon. For this month, and may more to come. 

You don't need anything to attend. The following are optional preparations so feel into what resonates with you...

  • Feel free to drink a cup of Kakao before arriving at the meditation to soften the heart. 
  • Have plenty of water to drink close by
  • Apply/diffuse grounding essential oils (ie DOTERRA Balance, Peace, Forgive,Vetiver, Cedarwood, Anchor, Patchouli, Black Spruce, Rose or any oil that you feel particularly drawn to)
  • Light incense/palo santo or your favourite smudge in the space where you will take your meditation to cleanse and curate peaceful space.
  • Arrive having had a relaxing bath, in really comfy clothes if you like. Really comfy clothes are a great idea regardless!
  • A quiet space, free from sounds and interuptions is ideal 
  • We will be seated for the meditation so you may like to make a comfy set up. Use a bolster or cushions as padding. Bring a blanket if you wish. (if you prefer to lay back you can, of course, choose to do this instead. )
  • Feel free to bring any crystals you have to be present for your intentions. 
  • A journal can be very useful for recording your intentions to re-visit over the coming days. Also great for recording thoughts, insights and feelings. 

  • Full Moon Frenzy

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