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The Cusp

A devotional, 40 minute, morning practice over 10 days. With cacao, meditation, gentle breath, pause and wonder during the ephemeral passageway through the balance point of the seasons... Experience the presence and unfurling of your heart as you enter this beautiful journey.
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The Cusp

Time & Location

19 Sept, 06:30 BST – 28 Sept, 07:50 BST
Instagram Live / Zoom

About the Event

I am so chuffed to invite you into this gentle, loving, potent container.

Welcome to The Cusp...

For 10 days during the delightful month of September, we will meet first thing online with a steaming cup of KAKAO and immerse ourselves into a beautiful process... 

The purpose….

An opportunity for reflection of the yang summer season. Honouring what has been and steeping yourself in the joys and the lessons, embodying your experience.

A moment to admire the equilibrium of the moment, noticing the wheel turning gently and coming into full presence to this…

A chance to look gently toward a change and remember in your soul that you are nature, and that you take the same journey.

Clearing space and optimising our channels to invite codes via the heart for what is brewing in your soul for the forthcoming season (this could be in your work, your art, your creativity, your expression, your truth, your emotional landscape, your intentions for yourself)

Inviting softness, gentle enquiry to the inner landscape, patient unfurling and deeply connected space for self reflection alongside the supportive energy of the hearts of others.

A chance to take time over a period of days to notice the difference it makes in your life when you begin in the heart.

A space held and guided lovingly to cultivate reflection of self whilst being held in safe, supportive and nurturing space.

Who is it for?

Anybody who wishes to deepen their journey with KAKAO in a closely guided container and strengthen their daily practice

Creatives and heart centred entrepreneurs wishing to be guided by soul for the upcoming season, to download divine codes and sparks of inner truth and inspiration. 

Anybody feeling a need for rich, soft practices to begin their day

Anybody wishing to connect with the seasons shifting and deepen their connection to the natural changes from summer into autumn….

Anybody who feels called to join… a call to join is all you need to know that this is for you… 

How it works... 

You will be invited to join a private instagram @lhk_the_cusp and this will serve as a space to create gentle community and sacred space whilst maintaining privacy and your freedom to check in as suits your lifestyle. 

I can highly recommnend having a beautiful vessel to journal in and a pen... Lots will unfurl across the 10 days... 

Each morning at 6.30am we will gather for no longer than 40 minutes. You have the choice to join the zoom room or simply log in to the instagram portal where I will also go live if you prefer. Some like to be in circle and visible but the early morning setting may ask for more privacy and so snuggled in bed with earphones without the entrance to zoom may be your thing... All of the above are so welcome here. 

We will connect to the spirit of cacao for each morning sitting and so a steaming cup of the good stuff is welcomed each day. You can, of course, bring a herbal tea any day if you do not fancy cacao for any reason. (Order your KAKAO in plenty of time for the beginning of the container here... A 453g bag of signature blend will last you the entire time easily)

If life gets in the way at any point and you cannot make the live, do not worry, it will all be recorded and saved for you to catch up. Each day I will save the instagram live to the grid and you can catch up or even replay the session if you wish!

(If you are not on instagram I will email you any recordings you may need from zoom)

The instagram group will be a gentle space to create small encouragments and support for you to follow along with the journey as you wish. It will be live for 7 days after the final day (28th September) so you have time to integrate and do any catching up. The intention is for this to be a live and seasonal container and so the group will disappear after the 7 days. 

Beginning to bring in soft, gentle practices in the morning as we glide toward the cooler, darker months can be a very enriching process for our systems. 

Connecting to our heart consciousness in this way over a period of time can have a truly transformational affect on your life and it is my joy to facilitate this journey. 

Please reach out to me persoanlly if you have any questions. 

I look forward to connecting with you and taking this journey togther. 

With love, 


** If you are in Europe and wish to order KAKAO, please email me directly and this can be sent for you. You will need to allow plenty of time ahead of the start date to allow for Brexit and Covid shipping delays. **

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