an embodied experience

Created with love and evolved into a complete and deeply restorative ritual, for a truly embodied experience.


The products in Nurture were inspired by a deep passion for natural, sensual beauty. After a long career in the beauty industry and a love for creating nourishing and healing space for people to unwind and relax, this fully experiential offering is an extension of my heart and life’s work to date.

Softening the skin using raw earth offerings…

Organic butters, oils and sacred salts blended with the purest vibrational reminders of nature… essential oils… and nothing else… just the purity of nature, lovingly swirled together in pots of healing joy…

What has unfolded, over time within creating body products, is the realisation that the energy channelled when making them truly does infuse.

Countless people have spoken of their experience feeling like much more than an arduous skin care ritual.

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Each batch is hand blended in ceremony. KAKAO is always consumed ahead of the proceedings, sacred smoke cleanses the room and healing music is played as the melting and blending commence…


The process is meditative, grounding and always carried out in true delight and reverence.


Having spent the past couple of years recovering from a very burnt out and frazzled place in my own life, I have collected new skills that have been instrumental in the care of my own wellbeing. This has very much infused the creations and offerings you find here in the Nurture space… deepening the experience for you and hopefully creating pockets of nurture and wellbeing alongside beautifully scented and carefully blended beauty products.


Allow me to guide you with your…  



an embodied experience

Follow the prompts for using your products and setting your environment and then lay back, enjoy the calm, and take the short meditation 

Begin to draw a bath and as the tub fills, create a sacred space for your ritual. Light candles, burn your stick of incense and sprinkle your Nature bath salts into the water allowing the scent of the oils to fill your bathroom and be the first invitation of the blend into your system.

You can access my Nurture bathing playlist on Spotify for a soothing soundtrack to your time here.


You may wish to set up a diffuser in your bedroom with essential oils to walk into even more calm after your bath. (If you have doTERRA oils, you may wish to use some Balance to promote relaxation and compliment the ritual)


Lay a towel on your bathroom floor (to catch any falling salt) When you are ready, take a handful of Nurture Body Scrub and begin to massage it into your skin. Work in slow, circular motions all over, avoiding the face and any sensitive areas. Work mindfully and slower than you think you should…Feel the salt exfoliating and the oils melting and nourishing your skin all at once.


Allow this contact with your skin to be mindful and caring. Begin to notice the peaceful surroundings you created for yourself and allow yourself to arrive in your body and out of your busy mind.


Step carefully into your bath (you can, of course, use the shower here if you prefer) notice the salt dissolve upon contact with the water and how magically soft your skin becomes as the oils cocoon it.


Allow the comfort of the warm water and the softness of your skin to become your focus and close down your eyes. Begin to take some deeper breaths. Breathe out any tension and stresses you may have been carrying and allow yourself to soak here for a while. Notice the sensations as you begin to relax deeper into your ritual.


The salt is very healing, try to stay here soaking for a while, knowing that pausing for a length of time is a truly effective reset for your nervous system… gift yourself this time.


When you are ready to emerge, softly towel dry your skin and notice how soft and moisturised it feels where the salts and oils have worked their magic. Take your Nurture Body Balm and apply to any drier areas of the body like the feet, elbows, knees and shins to add any extra nourishment and softening to these areas.


If you wish to dwell in this ritual for even longer, my suggestion would be to slip on something comfortable (mine’s always a kimono!) and come to lay on your bed, something beneath the knees for support and press play on the audio meditation below on this page to take you through a guided journey of the carefully selected oils in the Nurture blend and lull you into an even deeper state of rest. You may wish to put on your heated eye mask here for even more gentle comfort and warmth.



an embodied experience




an embodied experience