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Aromatic Dressing

Has it ever crossed your mind to dress your body aromatically?

We spend time choosing clothes that represent us for various occasions. Work, a dinner out with friends, a date perhaps, but do we consider dressing our energy to its varying requirements? Do we consider that some occasions require energetic protection? That some call for the energy of sensuality and that sometimes, depending on how we're feeling in that moment, we can choose to invite the synergistic service of the plants to assist us?

The beauty of exploring this rich, sensual, mindful practice is that the possibilities become endless. The connection to the self and the body deepens. A toolkit to empower emotional integrity forms. Suddenly the scent that arrives in the noses of those you sit near or embrace represents an entire story of how you supported your skin, nervous system, emotions and natural beauty that day.

Instead of a cloying, overpowering scent that can be identified as a bottle full of chemicals from a department store with a meaningless celebrity endorsement attached to it, you are wearing a coating of pure, high vibrational plant compounds which serve to lift your mood and work in deep synergy with your delicate body systems. Perfumes and perfumed products are becoming increasingly known to disrupt our skin's lipid barriers causing irritation and worse than that, disrupting our endocrine system and messing with our hormones.

It doesn't have to be time consuming either... although I implore you to carve out the time to spend alone or with a lover to deepen this practice. Aromatic dressing works best with skin damp from a long soak in the bath or a shower. Gently massaging your favourite carrier oil or natural butter into the skin (unscented preferably, I prefer organic coconut oil) and anointing small amounts of essential oil to certain areas of the body.

The ANOINT collection in the LHK collaborative store is born out of my own experiences with these beautiful oils. I have selected some of my most adored diluted oils so as to bestow the magical shifts I've encountered, upon you.

Each roller comes pre-diluted with fractionated coconut oil (unless otherwise stated) in a convenient roller for swift, safe application on the go, any time. Divine feminine energy, emotional support, relaxation and high-vibrational personal scent are just the beginning to what you can unlock when you begin to harness these pure plant allies into your beauty and wellness routines.

As we begin to clean up our lives, the planet and wake up to the fact we've been mislead when it comes to what is actually safe to consume both in our food and what we put on our skin and clean our homes with, it is so important to spend some time looking into the integrity of the people we buy our products from. To be discerning with what we allow to enter our systems.

I align strongly with doTERRA as a company and trust their purity, ethical conduct and humanitarian focus. Each oil has a story of human empowerment, kindness and beauty both sides of the bottle.

Meaning that everyone involved from growers of the plants right through to consumer are experiencing the magic in their lives. The CPTG testing methods used ensure these unbeatable quality oils continue to lead the way worldwide.

To become a wholesale member in my oily tribe and save 25% on your purchase price for a year sign up here

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