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Conscious Collaborations (Tribe and Fable)

I've had the absolute pleasure of moving into conscious collaboration with some incredible women whilst working on creating an online shopping space for some exquisite pieces of beauty to ADORN the body, ANOINT the skin and IMBUE the living space.


My first introduction is to my friend Jools who owns gorgeous fashion brand Tribe and Fable. With a showroom like a treasure trove in London's swanky Chelsea, Jools has 20 years of experience in the fashion and jewellery industry and has an absolute eye for style alongside a passion for sustainability. She travels the globe in search of the exquisite materials for the beautiful tassel necklaces you'll soon be able to purchase here on the site. Prayer beads from Nepal, mystical agates, smoky topaz and other semi-precious stones. She is also heavily involved in ensuring that she finds true artisans to make the necklaces in their traditional production methods.


The first six purchases arrive with you carefully placed into a Kitenge fabric dust bag to protect the piece. Each one is hand crafted in Nairobi by women who have been made vulnerable by life circumstances. The commune where they make the beautiful bags is a safe place for them to reside away from danger. They use their skills to craft beautiful garments from this colourful, rare fabric. The community, camaraderie and safety of the environment is paramount to their quality of life and as always, they are paid more than fairly for their craft. To own a piece of this Kitenge fabric represents the energy of individualism, freedom, female empowerment and equality. I implore you to treasure it and use it to protect your jewellery when travelling etc, understanding the story of hope and compassion attached to it.


Fast fashion and mass production are not only terrible for the planet, they also buy in to many industries who cash in on the underpayment and poor working conditions of workers in under-developed countries. The Balinese artisan who creates these such beautiful pieces is paid abundantly and her careful and skilled work is what supports her family. For these reasons, only a handful of each style are ever made and no two are ever identical due to the variability in the stones and beads and so when you invest in a piece to adorn your body with, it is sure to be one of a kind. The energy of the pieces shines through when you wear them, both in that they are channeled with positive energy by a healer but also the knowing that every step of the way so much care and compassion is taken for all involved. It warms my heart to have them available to you here in the LHK collaborative. I hope you fall in love with them and all they offer as much as I have.

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