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Conscious collaborations (Woody & Wool)

I've had the absolute pleasure of moving into conscious collaboration with some incredible women whilst working on creating an online shopping space for some exquisite pieces of beauty to ADORN the body, ANOINT the skin and IMBUE the living space.


My next collaboration has been so special. Allow me to introduce you to Jaime of Woody and Wool. This gemstone of a woman inspires me in so many ways. Having gone to the same school but never really known one another, the joy that is instagram is where I was able to identify that she is my kinda girl. Raising her beautiful boy Woody alone, holding down a steady career as a police officer, whilst creating the most beautiful home for her and her boy. She is so creative and talented with such an eye for style. We often joke in one another's DMs that we ought to just live together and I can do the cooking and she can do the DIY and make the house look great.... I'll hold her to that if she isn't careful!

Recently Jaime has somehow found the time to unleash her creative side into a wonderful side hustle with woody and wool. Her boobie plant pots have been so popular locally and even further afield. I love the simple, raw and natural design and I love that they are all lovingly hand made. I Love that no two are identical and that that represents us as women.

When a boobie pot arrived at my door recently as a gift from this beaut I just felt so inspired to want to collaborate with her in some way and so I asked if she fancied a meeting (in a forest, naturally) and she obliged. We walked, talked about all sorts, laughed and I pitched her a concept. Now we have this such special collaboration born into the world and I could not be happier. Taking jaime's beautifully raw, femme -inspired design and creating a piece that lends itself to creating sacred ritual in the home is a marriage made in heaven for the LHK online space. My heart bursts at this offering. I have enjoyed testing these out so much. Discovering their multiple uses, how they work in any room of the house, can be moved around for different moods and occasions and how character is added as wax melts down the torso as you sit for long dinners with friends late into the night. We have also created them in natural and terracotta clays so as to represent the beauty and variety of human skin tones.

Jaime created woody and wool not only as a creative outlet, but also as a means to provide (even more) of a better life for her and her boy. The two of them are always off on an adventure of some sort. She's always doing things that frighten her and pushing her comfort zone to ensure Woody has fun and experiences life to the full. Having raised my own son by myself, we most certainly see one another very deeply. The aim, aside from the offering itself, is that when Jaime makes extra money via woody and wool, she can decide to do less overtime which involves her spending time away from Woody and putting in night shifts. Mum guilt is a thing. The pull between providing everything for your babies while also wanting to nurture and be there with them is a battle of mind and reality at once. One I've fought myself. When a woman can hold all that down whilst looking after herself and allowing her feminine creativity to flow, that's awe right there. That ought to be seen, honoured and supported. I couldn't be happier to welcome such a wonderful creation in to the LHK collaborative.

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