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In recent years it’s occurred to me that Mother’s Day, along with all the other calendar occasions that we’re programmed to buy a card and special gift for, can spark many different feelings for many differing circumstances. As though there’s a one size fits all societal protocol that sparks more feelings of not fitting in than the joy they’re aimed to bring.

Some have lost their mothers, some are desperately trying to become mothers, some don’t get along with their mother, some mothers haven’t found it easy to be in their role. So true to form I choose to tread the path of the non-conformist and explore a more unified path for honouring the mother in all of us at this time of transition from the darkness of winter as we welcome the light and life back into nature. The universal mother. Gaia. It’s not just a mother’s day gift. It’s a gift inspired by the mother (nature) and it’s for us all as we head into the light.

So I invite you to come with me.

Of course, showing reverence, honouring and gratitude to our mothers is important. As a mother myself I understand how beautiful it feels to be shown appreciation. But it’s important to me to show you where that concept is born from. Where I take my inspiration from. What intention and energy goes into it. That it is designed to connect us, whoever we are, whatever our personal maternal circumstances may be, back to ourselves.

I want to create a gift that honours the entire spectrum of what this occasion can bring. To soothe grief, to foster gratitude for all we have, to invoke a ritual for self-care and connection where it could be desperately needed and above all to soften. Soften the skin, soften the senses and help us to drop back into connection with our glorious bodies.

When I think of the word Mother, I don’t necessarily see a woman and her child. It runs way deeper than that for me. I immediately think of; the earth, nature, cycles, nurture, creation, sustenance, softness, femininity, beauty, rawness. These elements are something we can collectively connect to and in turn they can invite us to connect to ourselves. That is the essence behind my creations. I want your skin to feel soft and nourished, I want you to enjoy the scent of the oils I’ve carefully chosen to blend with but above any of that I want you to take the space to allow these tools to take you to a place of connection to yourself.

Each of us, regardless of gender, have feminine and masculine energy running through us. When we connect to the mother, earth, softness, cycle, creativity, comfort, we connect to the feminine. And within this feminine is the ebb and flow of cycle, gestation, birth. Much like the seasons. Each womb space within our bodies as women has the energy and essence of the creation of life. Regardless of whether it has held and birthed a child, regardless of whether it has been removed from surgery, regardless of whether you’ve transitioned into menopause. The essence of the ability to create life lives there and it goes unnoticed and it has been pushed out of our consciousness for centuries by patriarchal models, but it lives, like a heartbeat within us.

It’s part of our blueprint.

Any time we are inspired and bring any heartfelt project or idea into being in this world we are tapping into this. Anytime we nurture any living being be it plant, animal, human, we are mothering. Creating, gestating, birthing, nurturing, loving. Each of us are born from this energy and we all have the essence of our mothers and her mother and all of the mothers before them running through our DNA and our cells.

So I guess what I want for this project is to create unity. A oneness beneath circumstance that can connect us to our truths. To feel grief and not be afraid, to foster gratitude to expand our hearts and to know that we are perfect as we are with whatever it is we’ve been dealt.

I invite you to follow my ritual.

Whoever you are, whatever your story and come back to your true essence. Connecting to this space beneath any feelings of inadequacy, any grief, any wrong will calm your central nervous system and connect you to the perfection of your being, the true, feminine mother essence within you.

  • Begin to draw a bath and whilst your water runs, create a sacred space for your ritual. Light candles, burn incense (or sage/palo santo/rosemary) load a diffuser with some drops of dōTERRA Serenity blend (or your oils of choice) play some soft music or a healing frequency.

  • Lay a towel on the bathroom floor and begin to massage your body scrub into your skin before it comes into contact with the water. The oil will melt with your body warmth as the sacred Himalayan salt goes to work to slough away dead skin cells and mineralise the skin. Work mindfully. Allow this contact with your skin to be slow, mindful and caring. Begin to notice the peaceful surroundings you created for yourself and allow yourself to arrive in your body and out of the busy mind.

  • Step carefully into your bath (you can, of course, use the shower here if you prefer) Notice the salt dissolve immediately upon contact with the water and how magically soft your skin becomes as the oils cocoon it. Allow the comfort of the water and the softness of your skin to be your focus and close down your eyes to begin to take some deep, connective and cleansing breaths. Breathe out any tension and stresses you may have been carrying and soak here for a while. Focusing on your breath and noticing sensations. The salt is very healing so try to stay a while. Know that pausing here for a length of time can be a truly effective reset for your mind and body. Gift yourself this.

  • Towel dry the skin when you’re ready. You’ll notice your skin feels nourished and moisturised where the coconut and essential oils have worked their magic. Take your nourishing body balm and apply to your skin as generously as you feel called to. Perhaps you feel you only need it on drier areas such as elbows, knees, feet. Maybe you’d like to be slathered from the neck down for a super nourishing boost to the skin after the winter months.

  • Allow yourself a moment to notice how you feel. Do you feel more connected to the ground? Has your mind slowed down a little? Do you feel more connected to your body? Do you feel a sense of comfort?

I would love to know how you feel after your rituals…

Keep in touch with me in the comments or send me a message to ask questions or tell me your successes.

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