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How to harness the heightened energies of a full moon to stay in your power and flow.

In recent times, the moon phases have become something we speak about more and more. We are collectively beginning to understand that the moon moves in a cyclical manner and can bring with it different energy phases for us, as sensitive humans, to navigate.

Many times I've heard it explained to sceptics like this....

"If the moon can affect the tide of entire oceans, and humans are made up of a large percentage of water, how can you deny the effect that the moon's energy has upon you"

After spending many years attuning to the flow of that glowing, mesmerising ball in our night sky, I have come to a very natural cadence with my knowing. It feels akin to my innate flow as a female. Something I've become more connected to in the past year or so. Moon energy is feminine energy. It moves through a 28 day cycle just as a woman does. (Even past menstruating age) New moon, crescent moon, half moon, waning, waxing and of course, the most famous one....

The Full Moon

Known for "lunacy" hence where the word is derived from... Lunar.

Werewolves in mythology, tides change in our seas, reports of busier and more frantic activity in regards to the police, ambulance and medical professionals in emergency departments. Not so long ago, farmers would plan their crop cycles by the moon. Of course the impatience of humankind overthrew this when the discovery of speeding the process up with fertilisers and force growing became the norm. Depleting our soils and poisoning our produce.

During the full moon, we can experience heightened feelings in our emotional and physical bodies. Sleep can be light and broken, our minds can feel busier, we can feel a little wired even. Some experience headaches a little more easily. These physical effects can lead to us being more sensitive or easily triggered in our emotions too.

As the moon waxes to full over a period of days, we begin to feel the energy subtly building. (probably for the most part and for most people it goes mainly unnoticed)

We experience the pull of this on us for as much as 3 days before and 3 days after the actual full moon. Thats 6 potential days for things to feel heightened. It doesn't mean anything bad is going to happen at all. In fact if you can simply become aware of when to expect this, it is very easy to take care of yourself well and actually begin to utilise this energy to connect with your own feelings, reflect and look after yourself in a serving way. You can even become a master of cultivating the renewing and cleansing that this time can provide on your life. Letting go of that which no longer serves, releasing emotions, attachments to situations, grudges so you may foster forgiveness, all sorts. It can be a very powerful time and we get a chance at it each and every month!

Think of when you last saw a big full shining moon in the night sky. (I am a complete moon gazer. It mesmerises me) Think of how it illuminates the darkness. This is how we can interpret the affects on ourselves. Shining the light of awareness onto our own darker parts is actually an embodied feminine practice (whether you are male or female) and is something that we don't always have the courage to do. Any emotional resistance we feel at these times of heightened full moon energy can be a sign we're trying to look away from something that wants to be seen but may not be one of our more pleasant feelings or thoughts.

This is where taking some time to check in with yourself, be aware of the energy of the moon and to prepare with self- nurturing practices can be very cathartic and empowering.

Practices such as; journalling your thoughts ...get a plannher from the shop!!! They harness

the moon cycles and give you space each month for full and new moon reflections plus guidance and loads of free space for recording your thoughts and observations!

Lighting some incense or palo santo in the room as you write can help to cleanse negative energies and relax you into your practice. Make it a ritual, light a candle, reflect on that which you wish to let go of, that which no longer serves and allow it to flow.

Remember this is your personal practice. There is no need to hold back or be ashamed of what flows from your pen. There is so much richness to be found in our deeper soils.


for items for your rituals

Bathing in good quality salts is a very grounding practice. It helps to relax frenetic thoughts and brings you into your body and out of your head. Salts are relaxing for our muscles too. Try using good quality Himalayan pink, Epsom or dead sea salts. You can also add any one or a blend of the following oils to aid the beneficial effects. When you're finished soaking, why not allow the bath water to drain out as you remain in the bath. Set the intention that the water take with it that which no longer serves you. Or that which you are ready to release. The feeling of the gravity returning to your body as the water drains can be very calming. If you don't have a bath tub to soak in, just soak your feet in the salts and oils in a large bowl. This is still very effective.

Use grounding essential oils.

Forgive is a wonderful choice in the store, rich in tree oils and helpful energy for forgiveness and letting go. Other helpful DOTERRA oils are: Frankincense, Balance, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Serenity, Anchor, Patchouli, Copaiba, Black Spruce, Adaptiv, Magnolia, Rose, Bergamot, Jasmine.

Meditation, breath work, yoga and sounds are also very beneficial practices for calming a busy mind, bringing us into our body and grounding frantic energies and thoughts.

Walking in nature will instantly create a sense of grounding. Being by a body of water (lakes, rivers) and near to trees and open grassy spaces is known to calm and reset our systems. Could you even go without your phone? Try it!

A technique called 'earthing' is also very helpful for grounding. Bare feet on the earth is really all it is. Summer or winter, just walking bare feet on the grass can have a profound calming effect. You may wish to stand still, connect and offer your troubles to the earth through your feet. This could be your intention.

Sometimes when we feel wired, we lose our appetite for food. Eating nourishing, seasonal food will always help in grounding. Healthy snacks throughout the full moon period will help to keep your energy gravitating downwards into the body.

As we can feel more stimulated, avoid over-caffeinating and drink plenty of fresh, filtered water. Drinking water not only helps our physical body but also helps to keep our energies flowing nicely.

I truly hope this information is helpful to you. If it feels a lot to take in, just begin with something that resonates with you. These practices are something I have built over many years. Take your time and enjoy the process.

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