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For a deeper dive into this heart elixir...

Welcome to this journal post, dedicated to providing the curious seeker with as much rich information about ceremonial KAKAO as you can drink in...

You may have become aware of the word cacao lately. Perhaps it keeps coming up in your Instagram feed, maybe somebody you know drinks it. Perhaps you are feeling a curious pull to get involved. When I first discovered it, it felt like a very strong pull and the unfolding of the journey to sitting with my first ever cup of ceremonial cacao provided an acute knowing that my life was about to change because of this rich, brown liquid.

It is important to understand that when we work ceremonially with cacao, we are communing with the spirit of the plant itself. This wise, knowing, feminine energy that graces you with each cup you sit with, over time will reveal to you the most beautiful of truths that live within you.

As well as the spiritual connotations, there are many wonderfully supportive physical benefits that imbue your life and body too. Prolonged focus without the need for stimulants like coffee, no nasty jitters, brings calm to the nervous system. It is supportive to the digestive system and circulation and cultivates healthy sexual energy in the body as it is a natural aphrodisiac and a heart opener. Connecting these two potent centres and bringing about love, healing and balance between the two.

It is also a diuretic. It is important to be well hydrated before, during and after consuming cacao. It is not recommended to be ingested alongside stimulants like coffee. Many people switch away from coffee completely after discovering the far higher vibrational effects of cacao.

The first cacao tree was domesticated over 3000 years ago. These trees are where chocolate comes from. Of course, being a huge world industry and with so much processing and different qualities of the product, the true vibration and nutrition of the original bean gets totally lost in translation by the time a bar of chocolate reaches the shelves… And so when we encounter ceremonial cacao, we are welcoming in that pure plant vibration as it is, straight from the bean. Aside from a little love and care in the roasting and stone grinding process, the product we have here in Fly KAKAO is of integrity, purity love and reverence to this ancient and beautiful bean. Nothing is taken away and only helpful, mindful ingredients added for your drinking pleasure...

For the most part, the chocolate industry is provided for by trees that produce larger yields and are more resilient to disease and these trees are often a hybrid of differing origins and produce lesser quality chocolate...

The Chuncho, which is the endangered strain used to produce Fly KAKAO, is a native and pure strain to Peru and the preservation of this special bean is the key to the magic in this curious and beautiful product. It’s what sets it aside in its quality. The Chuncho trees are far more susceptible to disease and require dedicated care to keep them producing abundantly. The farmers who have had these trees in their lineage for centuries know how to keep them healthy and that wisdom has been passed down ancestral lines. Their passion to keep this wonderful strain pure and protected is the reason you can drink a cup of Fly KAKAO widely across the globe today.

Cacao has been revered by the indigenous people of South America for centuries and this elixir was thought to be used in ceremony throughout history, however, it is difficult to know exactly how this looked as history has only really recorded shamanic ceremony with other more powerful master plant medicines due to their psychedelic effects on the human system. Cacao doesn’t have this effect and is a soft and extremely gentle way to invite plant healing into your life. This is how we know we can incorporate it safely and with trust into our bodies, hearts, minds and lifestyle.

It is, however, truly so important to be committed to deepening our understanding of its origins and traditions and to offer up our curiosity, reverence and gratitude to the indigenous peoples and continue to learn as we invite it into our western lives. So much in the world is manufactured, borrowed and taken out of greed. Here, we have the opportunity to surrender to the very nature this plant spirit offers us, an open-hearted, loving and compassionate approach to life, work, healing and connection to ourselves, others, prosperity, the planet and the future of humanity.

An integral supply chain is what we are proud to have here. As ceremonial cacao grows in popularity in the west, so too does the demand. There are a growing number of cacao companies now, many claiming vaguely around their origins, sourcing methods and strain of bean. As the spirit of cacao permits the deeper connection to yourself and your soul, check in with how you feel about the integrity of what you choose when coming to sit with this medicine. Don't be afraid to ask the questions and seek the answers of where it's come from and how the farmers are being supported. The clue will largely be in the price tag and the ability to give a fluid answer to its supply chain. One of transparency and of pride. As with everything in this world today, be discerning.

Whilst we riff on integrity here, let's get down to the ceremony. Now I'd be lying if I said every single cup I ever drank was during a fully laid out sacred capsule of time and space... That's not true. However, this drink is not to be mistaken for a quick fix to life...

'Drink it and I'll be creative, drink it and I'll be healed.'

Far, far from it. Another thing we can be guilty of in the west is claiming we do not have the time. Busying ourselves to the point of burnout and living in adrenal fatigue and constant stress and anxiety. Cacao requires your stillness. Your reverence, respect, your willingness to go inwards and mine for everything within you that's calling to be discovered. The good and the perceived bad. You do not need to spend hours. Sitting with your cup and taking the recorded blessing is great. But please, connect with this medicine, invite her in and be open to all it will reveal to you. Drop any need to have it all figured out at once and enjoy every little moment of bliss, every little moment of clarity that you know came through your heart and not your head. Bathe in your journey and watch it change your life.

Fly KAKAO is a registered 501c3 non profit organisation. All revenue from the sale of KAKAO goes straight back into the land, the farmers, the cost of making it available globally. This year, 2021 the aim is to be profiting enough to create the first give-back scheme. This will mean that surplus profits are all sent back to the indigenous people, the farmers, the land and will enable the further and future protection of this very special strain, the Chuncho.


This space and the offerings within it are created in heartfelt collaboration with the guardians and the spirit of cacao. In humble service to this plant and by way of gratitude for its life-changing, heart-opening effects. It is with love, honour and respect that it is made available to you here. May it infuse your life as exquisitely as it has mine.

Each time I make a cup I always contemplate the journey and energy behind how something so incredibly pure has made it to my mug, in my little house in England. The hands that touched each part of the process, the energy of the people who create it, grow it, harvest it, facilitate its arrival to the country, distribute it… It isn’t another substance for us to greedily consume. It is earth medicine. The importance of embracing a slower, grateful, mindful invitation to it alongside enjoying its beautiful creaminess and flavour is very serious and yet so light-hearted all at once.

The effects this can have on you and your life over time are just beautiful…

if you feel curious to experience this drink and to sit with it,

invite her in… see for yourself.

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