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As we move into the month of Love, the second month of the year, the short one that almost propels us further toward springtime after the lengthiness of January, I turn my attention and find my inspiration from the heart space. From love but not the pressure of the societal pulls of Valentine’s day. Instead I find the opportunity to bring together the practices I’ve embodied, the plants I’ve explored and the opening I’ve experienced to bring about face to face offerings and a very special body scrub to facilitate the ability to look beneath all of the superficial meanings of this season and remind us all that we are love. We all have boundless amounts of it in our hearts and that to access this limitless space, beneath the rational mind, can allow us to see our lives in a very different way.

The self-care movement is teaching us to take care of ourselves so that we may care better for others. I agree with this so much, but it isn’t all bubble baths and spa days that truly lead us to a smoother way of being. Sometimes self-care is setting a boundary that may cause another to be disappointed that you aren’t able to give/do for them what they want or need from you. Sometimes it’s to cancel a plan that is making you feel anxious and feeling the guilt from the person this may affect. Sometimes its communicating honestly during conflicting instances and having a right to be heard. Sometimes it’s a simple no. When we practice connecting to our heart space we can find the moment we need before our very hard-wired brain kicks in to find the true answer. A feeling instead of a thought process. This takes practice, a willingness to feel feelings that can manifest as unpleasant and enough self-compassion to make many imperfect attempts before you find your stride.

My desire to live as my authentic self has led me to need to make many changes in my life. To break away from a career, to meet new people and come away from others. To take as much solitude as my heart has asked me for and to find serious faith in that self who has been buried under so much armour. My favourite practices along this journey have been creating, feeling (even the really hard stuff because it's shown me so much) meditation, yoga, the magic of kakao ceremony and of course, all laced in my love of essential oils. To roll my doTERRA Rose oil over my heart space for the highest vibration of all essential oils and mindfully sip on a cup of fly kakao (which blows my mind AND my heart) and invite the beautiful magic of these plants to show me what’s beneath and allow me to heal what’s there for me has been one of the most difficult times but also one of the most serving that I could have ever asked to become aligned with. It is with this healing energy that I create my offerings.


is a limited edition, very special creation.

Combining the heart healing vibration of powdered Rose Quartz crystal with sacred pink Himalayan salt to add more than just an exfoliation to the skin. Together with an intuitively selected blend of the highest grade essential oils to foster love, trust, self- assurance and abundance.

This is more than just a bubble bath.

It’s your facilitator to gently unfurl the heart and to take the time you need to listen, to connect. And if you have been brave enough to put the more difficult aspects of self-care into practice in your life, then I think you deserve this very special bath.

Follow my bathing ritual to truly

get the most from your Self-Love scrub xx

Set the energy of your bathroom... (you can do this while your bath water is running)

You can achieve this by lighting incense, sage, palo santo or your favourite smudging tool... This creates an intention to clear any old or stagnant energies in the room. It also cultivates a relaxing scent to accompany your experience.

Bathe by dim light if possible. I like to use battery-powered pillar candles to reduce the inhalation of toxic fragrances and paraffin. You may like to place any crystals you have around the area and perhaps even play some relaxing music or choose a healing frequency (plenty available on YouTube!)

Lay a towel on the floor by the bath (so that any salt and quartz that falls doesn't create a mess to clear up after your relaxation)

Begin to massage your body scrub into your skin BEFORE you introduce it to the water. The oil will begin to melt with your body heat and the salt and quartz will get to work on smoothing the skin whilst also facilitating the absorption of the exquisite essential oil blend into your physical and energetic body system.

When you feel you have covered your skin you can step into that bath (taking care as this can be extra slippery) and enjoy the magical transformation as the salt dissolves and the oils encompass the skin. The feeling of such smooth and nourished skin is a very comforting feeling. Notice this and spend a moment of pause to really experience it.

Soaking in the salts is very nourishing for your body, muscles and senses and so I encourage you to take some time to close down the eyes here. Begin to notice your breath and allow it to gently deepen. Even ten conscious breaths here will allow your nervous system to shift from that constant go go go mode into rest.

The remainder of your time here is yours to enjoy. If you usually find it difficult to switch off and have managed to cultivate a shift into relaxation here, enjoy it! Stay for a while. The world will still be the same when you're finished. It might just feel calmer for you.

All you need to do is pat your skin dry afterwards... it will feel nourished and moisturised and you can stay relaxed and maybe just arrive into a cosy pair of clean pyjamas for the ultimate feeling of hygge.

From my heart to yours,

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