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I don’t know if it's the cacao, but I am in such an acute state of awareness within nature in my life now that it serves to inspire everything within my work and as a most wonderful distraction from our complicated, loud world. This is how I feel I’ve always needed to be as a highly sensitive being and slowly unwinding myself from outdated behaviours and immersing myself in feeling and the natural world that supports such a thing so beautifully has been the healing tonic I needed. So I wanted to write about the Solstice and bring you into the joy this pause in our cyclical wheel brings.

We find ourselves here at Summer Solstice… Derived from the latin, Sol; Sun and Systere; to stand still or pause.

The sun has been shining for us and nature is in full bloom, offering us her fertility, her abundance and her bounty.

At this beautiful time of year, our energy becomes higher, we absorb the rays of the sun and we are more inclined to be outside and to notice the bird song, the lush green growth that carpets the earth and adorns the trees. The beauty of the flowers is sprayed everywhere, whether planted by the hands of a keen gardener or cross-pollinated by birds and busy bees, life is in full bloom and it is like a spread of beauty as far as the eye can see. Perhaps you have noticed the drive home to be greener and more eye-catching.

You may be drawn to walk in the meadows or to visit beauty spots more frequently. Feeling more energy and enjoying the yang season, the long days without feeling that pull to hibernate as we do in the winter and notice that the bareness of the colder months is now transformed into a botanical feast for the eyes and for the belly! Eating delicious seasonal veg, herbs and fruits and maybe even harvesting your own after the time given to us by the global lockdowns.

When we humans stop to take a moment and watch how our behaviour and tendencies shift with the seasons, we begin to realise, that we are so connected to nature. You are probably eating much differently to the beginning of the year, enjoying cold salads, fresh, fleshy fruits and long refreshing cold drinks. These will often be infused by plants in some way, even the white wine spritzers, the botanical gins and the cold craft beers.

The Solstice comes at the midpoint in the year where the sun appears to be still for a moment, pausing in its constant, slow orbit as it prepares to journey back the other way and begins to create less and less light for us as the days get incrementally shorter and the nights longer.

This planetary pause in our sky and solar system is a time of opportunity to create a reverent pause in our busy summer to come to notice, honour and connect to this light-filled portal and bring forth gratitude, respect and reciprocity to the earth as we enjoy the bounty.

So allow me to make some

Solstice suggestions

for you to honour the moment…

Be outside as much as you can! Take your meals al fresco, sit on picnic blankets with friends and soak up some vitamin D. Charge your cells with this beautiful light! Place your bare feet onto the warm grass and feel the grounding pull of the earth, take summer walks in the long evenings and notice your surroundings and how free and easy it is to be outside and held by nature. Get to the seaside or wild waters and feel the cleansing of chemical-free dips (always exercising safety around any natural body of water as it can be very dangerous if you do not know what to look out for).

Exchange nature-based gifts with friends! Honestly? I cannot get enough of it when friends give me a cutting of a herb they’ve grown or some homegrown vegetables. I love to infuse fresh, healing flowers in oils and charge them by sunlight to be used later in the year on the skin to remind me of the light-filled days.

Give back to nature, plant some flower seeds in your garden or in pots in outdoor space and create a little sanctuary for the bees. There is so much joy in watching seeds sprout through the earth you planted them in and grow into beautiful blooms.

Take some time to reflect.

As the sun pauses, so can you.

Remember that Solstice happens in the winter too when the same pause occurs but in reverse. The shortest day with the most darkness falls upon us at Yule, just before Christmas and so this can be adopted as a half-yearly check-in. Reflect on the 6 months since December 21st 2020. It was a powerful time spiritually as we entered the doorway of the Aquarian age. Much heightened energy was present and choices were being made. This was my Instagram post from that very day.

I went to spend the day with my darling friend, Hannah Lily Healing. We went to the river for cold immersion but when we arrived the water was swollen, angry and fast flowing. We made the decision to just watch her and lit a fire, ate a wholesome stew with root veg and pulses with fresh bread and lashings of butter and sat in ceremony and reverence for the time we were in. As darkness came over us early in the day, suitably high on cacao, the scent of incense and warmth from the fire, I retreated back to my cosy house and barely left it again for months on end. Dwelling in soft knits by candlelight and resting bones that felt they’d never feel energetic again. Peeling myself outdoors for long wrapped up walks with friends to witness the sleep of winter and be held by the earth as it traversed the cold. Knowing she’d awaken again as we crept toward the spring and that I would too. Feeling the length of time so much more as we all stayed home for what felt like forever.

  • What were you doing and feeling and living through in December?

  • What changes have you been through since then personally?

  • Take time to reflect here, you may find helpful insights and growth and shifts that may otherwise have gone unnoticed…


Create a self-care ritual to honour the body using elements of nature…

Create a self-care ritual to honour the body using elements of nature…

Follow my NURTURE bathing ritual for a true journey using the bounty of nature to connect with and nourish your body... the flowers, the trees and the top note of delightful citrus are perfectly suited to an aromatic dressing practice. Inviting in the vibration of summer, caring for the skin as it is exposed to the sun, the Green Mandarin has been carefully selected to avoid photosensitivity on the skin.

Everything you need to create your perfect solstice bathing ritual is on the NURTURE page…

As the Nurture blend envelopes your skin, my essential oil lovers may wish to create this scent that supports the energy of solstice so well in your diffusers… do so by adding 3 drops of Lavender, 2 drops of Green Mandarin and 4 drops of Balance.


My favourite cold drink on a summer’s day is to make a chamomile iced tea with lemon…

Here’s the recipe and how to make this simple and delicious hydrating tonic…


  • Dried chamomile flowers

  • 1 Organic unwaxed lemon

  • doTERRA Lemon essential oil

  • Filtered water


  • Boil a litre of filtered water and steep the chamomile flowers for no longer than 5 minutes (play around with this, the shorter time you steep, the lighter in flavour and colour)

  • Strain and discard the flowers (or add them to a herbal tea infusion bag and steep them in your next bath)

  • Allow the chamomile tea to cool in a large jug

  • Slice a whole lemon and add to the cooled infusion

  • Add more cold filtered water to dilute further (you can add sparkling water if you wish!)

  • Add 3-5 drops of doTERRA Lemon essential oil

  • Add a tonne of ice cubes and enjoy

  • Feel free to add fresh lemon balm leaves if you have any growing, they add delicious herbaceous notes!

I truly hope this article has been of some inspiration during this sacred time of Solstice... Feel free to leave a comment or share the link widely with anybody you feel may enjoy it....

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