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Beautiful rose quiet nature

How plant medicine has fortified my 2020…

It is very much on my heart to share how I have harnessed the potent medicine of plants to cultivate a state of acceptance, surrender and flow during this time of world-wide pandemic which I prefer to call ‘the great pause’ It’ll require a series as that’s pretty much all I’ve done for four months ;-) Let me begin with the oils…

Having a loud, proud interest in my beloved essential oils is something I am certainly known for. My gratitude for following my heart to create a life where I get to work with them daily for not only myself but to lead, inspire and help others is a dream come true for me.

As much as the physical benefits from the oils are mind blowing and facilitate natural relief from so many common ailments, I fully immerse myself in the study and practice of the energetics and emotional benefits of these pure plant allies.

My commitment to practice stillness each day, intuitively choose an oil to work with in meditation, or to support challenging circumstances has resulted in the following list of just a handful of discoveries with the oils that I feel compelled to share with you.

Please remember that all bodies, energies, emotional states, mindsets and even healing journeys are so completely different. This shows the beauty of humanity. The variety, the polarities, the diversity. It also means that there is no oil sequence that can guarantee the same result for all. This is the beauty of the stillness, the introspection and the willingness to experience the subtle shifts that we can foster with a little time. To have enough care for our inner landscape to want to support our own unfurling and a curiosity that can be directed inwards to our own truths. That’s something I can be your ally for. That’s a direction I’d be keen to point you in.

Having oils in your life is a constant learning journey. I very much see myself as the guide and the student in equal measure and love to invite those who feel a calling toward the vibration of the oils to join me in my never ending learning.


The oil of objectivity. How many times have you found yourself with so many thoughts at once during this year? So many major world issues, confusing news alerts, new routines, being surrounded by family members more than usual? It’s easy to suddenly be overcome with a frazzled brain, mental stress, frustration, blaming and anger. I love to apply cardamom to the length of my inner arms when I’m feeling frustration or overtaken with anger and irritability.

This spicy, yet light, refreshing oil helps you to integrate all that is occurring around you. To provide focus and an ability to mentally sort all of the minute details in to a clearer picture to help reduce overwhelm. What I like best about it is it’s ability to clarify which feelings are truly mine and which are imposed upon me by society or other people, Making it a wonderful tool for discernment and personal responsibility.

In summary, cardamom helps to take you from anger, frustration, confusion, inflexibility, blaming others and frazzled thinking to self control, respect, patience, tolerance, clarity and objectivity in situations. It is also a fabulous support for our respiratory systems and great for diffusing in the household for deeper breaths and greater family tolerances.


The oil of divine love. Another oil that gets slathered along my inner arms on the daily. Applied to the heart space also as this beautiful oil resonates deeply with the heart centre. Rose holds the highest vibration of all the oils. In order for humans to rise collectively we have to be open to new higher frequencies instead of falling victim to the shadow. Rose helps us to connect with our hearts, our compassion, empathy, care and acceptance of ourselves and others. Something we need in this time so desperately. Collective shadow frequencies such as victim mentalities, perpetual gossip, trying to compete with one another and trivialities are all keeping us stuck when we can be moving toward a far more beautiful way of being. Rose oil connects us to what it feels like to let go and trust in the unknown as it helps us to feel held, supported and free. My favourite supportive energetic element of this oil is the help it brings to releasing judgments and conditions, both of our own toward ourselves and others and also those imposed upon us by other people. In turn this encourages us to be who we truly are rather than trying to please others and fulfil their expectations.

In summary, Rose oil can help to move us from sadness, grief, anger, anxious feelings, fear, shame, jealousy and despair towards feelings of comfort, harmony, joy, acceptance, inner freedom, completeness and most importantly of all, LOVE.


The oil of divine grace. I didn’t really understand this title to begin with but as I worked with the energy of the oil it became clearer to me. This very woody, almost pungent oil is heavy on the nose. I won’t lie and say its my favourite scent by a long shot but I cannot deny its role in helping me to surrender to the flow of this year with all of it’s twists and turns.

This is an oil that requires stillness and meditation. Arborvitae is a tree oil, grounding, protective and connective. It is a wonderful ally to anybody who struggles to accept that they are divinely protected and abundant. In the current world crisis, many people have been faced with some sort of financial upheaval. Regardless of whether you have lost money or employment you will undoubtedly have had to review the way you receive money. I cannot think of many instances that bring about fear in a human being more than the thought of their income disappearing. This has been a collective fright and as we are beginning to see from this blog post, we all feel these energies intensely when they are happening so frequently and at the same time.

Arborvitae helps to release the restriction we unconsciously place on ourselves energetically when we believe that progress or abundance can be made solely by our own struggle or solitary efforts.

We block channels for receiving when we think this way. By easing into the powerful energetics of this oil we can move toward sacrificing our personal will and be far more inclined to allow for what is meant to occur beyond our control and our 10% rational mind.

I personally apply this oil neat to the middle of my forehead (third eye chakra, spiritual insight) and to my solar plexus (just above the belly button) this area is where we will hold tension and fear which doesn’t serve us when opening up to trusting the flow.

I would suggest diluting in a carrier oil if your skin its at all sensitive.

So in summary, meditating with arborvitae may help to take you from feeling distrustful, rigid, fearful, controlling and wilful to surrender, trusting, relaxed, graceful, hopeful, and grounded


The oil of wellness. Yes please during a global pandemic! Offering feelings of expansiveness as it invites us to take in deeper breaths. When we are stressed or in fear we tend to take shallow breaths which inhibit the flow of oxygen to our cells and keep us constricted in our physical and mental bodies. We all know taking slower, deeper breaths will calm us down and make us feel better. The cleansing and medicinal scent make this oil wonderful for diffusing around the house. It can help to make the energy at home feel lighter particularly if there’s been any tension or arguments in the household. The energetics and emotional benefits of this oil help to empower our psyche toward true wellness. When we feel the threat and fear of illness we can often succumb or even invite it in unconsciously. Eucalyptus encourages us to let go of any attachment to illness and teaches healing and wellness. Leading to better health and responsible choices.

In summary, eucalyptus can encourage us to move from feeling ill, despairing, defeated and powerless to wellness, liberated, encouraged and free from fear of illness.

My favourite way to enjoy this oil is in diffusers around the house particularly in the mornings and when I’m cleaning the house and also a couple of drops in the shower tray so the steam from my shower makes a beautiful steam diffuser while I wash :-)

*Please note. The information in this blog post is my own experiences, purely anecdotal and cannot offer any guaranteed results that you’ll experience the same feelings or results. Any information shared here is not to be taken as medical advice and you should always consult a doctor if you have health concerns.

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