Individually hand-crafted with natural clays, inspired by the feminine form, no two pieces are ever exactly the same, just like us as females. Available in terracotta and natural clay (grey) to represent the differences in our human skin tones. 


This stylish, raw and natural piece is designed to hold a stick of palo santo, a dinner candle or an incense stick to give a variey of options for imbuing your home with scent, energy cleansing or soft lighting. 


A stylish accent to any room in the house,  collect a few or move her around and experiment with her many uses, just be mindful when handling as the raw nature of the product means her boobies are delicate... just like ours...  








Incense Holder

  • Be careful when handling the 'boobies' as they are delicate, just like the real thing... 

    When choosing to use as a candle holder, be aware that wax will melt onto the clay. You can leave to harden and gently pick it off, but this can pull away some of the varnish and leave slight imperfections behind. So treat with care and be aware of this. You will receive a metal insert which we advise placing your candle into before inserting in to the cavity to avoid clogging it up with old candle wax. 

    Do not leave candles, incense or palo santo burning unattended or close to fabrics for safety reasons and risk of fire.