Add this little packet of relaxation and warmth to your order and let it permit you the intention of taking a slow, restful moment with yourself....


Divine Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask is a luxe mask promoting relaxation and comfort thanks to an infusion of mind and body calming Lavender, combined with gentle air-activated warmth. It’s like a comforting cuddle, a warm and cosy compress that gently hugs the eyes. Enjoy 25 minutes of soothing warmth.


Enhance any relaxation practice as the gentle heat and shading of the eyes creates a comforting tactile sensation that we all so miss from relaxing treatments and touch therapies. A truly ideal accompaniment to any LHK online offering such as a Reiki journey, a 1:1 Reiki session or a Cacao ceremony. 


It is also a lovely way to spend an afternoon nap after taking an aromatic dressing practice with essential oils... 

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Iron Powder, Activated Carbon Powder, Essence of Lavender, Salt, Vermiculite, Water


  • Suitable for Children 5+ with adult supervision 
  • Safe to sleep in overnight 

DIVINE EYES (single)