Welcoming HOPE into the ANOINT collection. This beautiful blend has so many wonderful reasons within it and behind it to implore you to own it as a personal scent. 


The convenient rollerball comes pre-diluted with fractionated coconut oil for easy and safe application to the skin. Ideal for carrying around with you to apply often. When you need a calming moment, to anoint your skin and body with it's comforting scent and high vibrational energies. 


As many of us evolve our beauty routines to omit toxins and heavily scented products from our bodies and homes, essential oils are fast becoming our go to for their many benefits not just on the nose, but also their emotional support, their high vibrational energies and the way they help us to connect all the more with plant and earth energies. 


Every penny of the full purchase price of this roller is donated to Operation Underground Railroad, a taskforce based in the US but spreads across the globe, who rescue children from slavery. You can read more about them here. 


At the time of aquiring this batch , doterra were matching all sales of HOPE and so when you purchase this, you are contributing £42.50 toward the cause... Child/human slavery and sex trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal enterprises in the world. Thank you for your help to such a vital cause. 


To learn more about the practice aromatic dressing and using essntial oils as high-vibrational personal scent, read my blog post here. (free bonus download included)


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For £24, you can receive this discount for a year, discover the loyalty scheme that earns you points returns on your purchases to spend on free product and receive guidance and education within the Rise and Bloom Essential Collective, a thriving online community of oil lovers all navigating their way through the bountiful journey of harnessing the power of the plants to enhance their health. Click here for more details. 



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