Arrives pre-diluted with fractionated coconut oil in a convenient roller ball for safe and easy skin application on the go, or slow and mindful if you prefer. 


It requires around 20,000 jasmine flower petals to make just one bottle of this magic elixir. Hence the higher price point.


The Jasmine flower blooms at night-time making it unique and wonderful for moon rituals and accessing your innate femininity. 


The energetics of this beautiful floral oil are known to have powerful effects upon aspects of our sexuality. A healing balm to repressed sexual trauma, it can cultivate synergystic balance to one's sexual forces. Aiding in the purification of unhealthy sexual intentions or motivations (from ourselves and others) bringing gentle healing to any past experiences and fortifying positive future experiences.   For these reasons, it is a wonderful oil to apply to enhance connection during sacred union with your love or even by yourself. Enjoy the deeply pure, sensual energy this oil has to offer. 


When applied to the centre of the inner wrist crease, gently touching the two points together and breathing calmly but deeply for 1-3 minures, a shift can be subtly felt within the body. Jasmine connects you to your deep and innate trust to yourself. 


Apply liberally as a pure-fume for an alluring and sensual personal scent. 


Areas to apply: Behind the ears, along the collar bones, wrists, inner thighs, soles of the feet and ankle bones. It also offers wonderful nourishment to the face, roll over cleansed skin before bed for a night oil. 


To learn more about aromatic dressing,  click here to access a free download


If you experience skin sensitivity, discontinue use and apply some natural carrier oil (ie coconut or almond oil) to the area rather than washing with water. If you are pregant, you should avoid using jasmine until after you've had your baby. 


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