Arrives pre-diluted with fractionated coconut oil in a convenient roller ball for safe and easy skin application on the go, or slow and mindful if you prefer. 


A scent and oil used firmly by goddesses in mythology to bathe and anoint their linens and skin with.  To yield a small amount of this pure essential oil it takes thousands of flowers and a laborious process. Most times you will find Neroli as an absolute meaning it is adulterated. We are so lucky that doterra go the extra lenghts to produce this so purely for us. Hence the higher price point. 


Allow this delicate flower oil to knit you back together  energetically after trauma. It will link you back to your inner child and foster forgiveness for past mistakes. Facilitating the ability to let go of that which no longer needs to weigh you down. She will open you up to all forms of intimacy, particularly the one with your true self. Neroli's energy is particularly beautiful when worked with in long -standing relationships. 


A calming, soothing and steadying oil and a mystifying personal scent. 


Can also be rolled over cleansed skin on the face as a night oil to bring brightness and nourishment. 


Apply to the wrist creases, behind the ears,  the heart space (sternum) , across the brow, behind the ears. 


Take care when exposing the skin to sunlight, this oil is photosensitive… Try applying to the ends of your hair or soles of the feet if sun exposure cannot be avoided.


To learn more about the practice of aromatic dressing,  click here to find a free download. 


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