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Individually hand blended with therapeutic grade essential oils, pure organic nourishing coconut oil and sacred Himalayan salt. This nurturing and gentle blend is curated from the trees and the flowers, with a dash of sweet citrus to balance. The most desired blend of all the collection. 


Created in a ceremony, each batch is made amidst the peaceful and creative setting of consuming ceremonial Cacao, whilst channelling healing reiki. 


Massage liberally into the skin whilst DRY.... allow the oil to melt on contact with the warmth of your body and slough the salt to create a beautifully nourishing exfoliation. 


Either have a warm bath drawn ready to carefully step into or run a warm shower and rinse. (Take care as surfaces can become more slippery)


The salt will dissolve on contact with the water, while the oil will remain on the skin, protecting from hard water and allowing the beautiful therapeutic grade essential oils to safely sink into your system. Your skin will feel incredibly silky. This is the magic moment that really wows with this product. Enjoy this feeling, take some breaths and connect with your beautiful body as you gift it this moment of pure indulgence, care and nourishment. 


Covering our skin with the fatty coconut oil is a very effective calming balm to our systems. Our nervous systems respond very positively to this version of aromatic dressing. Soaking in the bath is my personal favourite way to enjoy this practice. 


You'll notice that your skin feels very moisturised after your bath or shower. Simply pat the skin dry and slip into your pyjamas or a kimono and relax not needing to spend time applying moisturiser. (Those with extra dry skin may need to add some moisturiser to dry areas if desired)


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct heat or sunlight


The coconut oil will melt in higher temperatures. This reflects the raw nature of the product. This isn't a problem. You may need to mix the salt and oil back together after it re-hardens. This does not affect the efficacy or quality of the product at all. 


Do not apply to sensitive areas of the body


This product is not designed for use on the face 

Nurture Body Scrub