Translates as HOLY WOOD. 


 Highly revered, sacred wood from the Bursera graveolens tree found in southern America. These wild growing trees belong to the same family as Frankincesne and Myrrh and these gorgeous chunks have long been burned for their reputable spiritual and purifying properties. 


Light one end of the wood until it has a flame, wait a few seconds, gently blow out the flame and guide the smoke around your space. You can silently invite negative energies to leave.  The wood will go out by itself shortly after you have blown out the flame. You can run it under water and leave to dry if you wish. You can continue to re-light your stick until has burned right down to nothing. They last for ages!


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The wood from the palo santo tree has an intoxicating scent, woody, citrus and a little minty. The scent is only produced within the wood when the tree or branches have died and fallen naturally and given time to settle on the land. This means that they cannot be overharvested, as some fake news articles may have you believe. Isn't it funny that any time we find ways to come back to the land, find our innate knowing and clean up our health naturally, an article will come along and instill a fear around it. Stay discerning my darlings... 


In order for the idigenous people to trade palo santo, they need the custom and the demand. Without this industry, the sacred trees will be culled to make room to force grow other crops or products in their place. 


So allow this sacred piece of natural beauty and mystcism to imbue your space and life with it's wonderfully intoxicating properties. 


My recommedation would be to hold an intention to drive out fear in the times we are currently living in xx


5 large, chunky sticks per bundle- these will serve you for a long time. 

Palo Santo