This extra special, hand crafted incense was made for the connoisseur. The elite of the space curators, the couture of the ultimate peace seeker.  Made, as always, with the purest natural ingredients, these extra special curations are made with rarer ingredients to deliver even more magic into your space and have you cherishing every special stick. 




'Intoxicating femininity'


This limited edition is the ethereal jewel of the Sacred Elephant selection for connoisseurs. Effervescent floral notes give way to a luxurious melange of Vanilla and Sandalwood providing deep, transcendent rejuvenation. 


The ancient egyptians harvested the blue lotus flower with great reverence. Using the oil distilled from the petals as an aphrodisiac, to enhance the dream states and deepen ecstatic practices. 





'Soft, warm and velvety"


The title of this limited edition incense reflects the reaction during the blending process of this creation at Sacred Elephant. 

Deep base notes of Assam Oud blend with the warmth of Turkish Amber notes. 

Oud is one of the world's most prestigious and finest scent ingredients. This has to be an LHK favourite as well as our friends and creators at Sacred Elelphant... 

We bow to you for this magic!




For my agarwood lovers.... a Poem is all that's needed to describe this one.... Deep, hedonic infatuation.


' That drowsily drops faint leaves on him,

And the sweetness of desire,

While time and the world are ebbing away

In twilights of dew and of fire. '*


Each box contains 15 precious sticks and each stick meanders magical smoke for around 40-45 minutes.... 






Spécialiste Incense