Bay Laurel, Cubub, Basil, Oregano, Hydocheim


The forceful, flowing, yet tranquil energy of the river is something that has captivated many of us as we have been forced to seek peaceful retreat in the nature on our doorsteps in this time. This candle embodies the scent of the abundant nature that surrounds the flow of the water... Bringing memories of wild swimming and connecting back with nature. 


Underwater plants, stones and grass mixing with earth and fresh cold water. This candle fragrance has been formulated to be fresh but still green with the depth and complexity of an icelandic river bed and bank. Seaweed and cold water inspire this scent with the culinary Oregano creating a clean and herbaceous moment of calm in the midst of the bolder Basil and Bay.


Always burn in a well ventilated area and never leave unattended whilst alight. 


Allow to burn for at least two hours before blowing out and always trim the wick and re-centre before allowing to dry. 


Burn time: 45 Hours 


Approx. 270g


Made in the U.K


Measurements: Height: 90mm Width: 80mm


100% Soy Wax from sustainable sources








STILL Soy Wax Candle (river)