Birch, Black Spruce, May Chang, Tar, Fir Needle, Pine, Earth, Stone


Allow the soft lighting and captivating scent of the raw landscape of Icelandic nature to create a grounding and natural scent in your cosy space this winter. 


Icelandic stones and rocks were formed over thousands of years. Lava erupted from volcanoes before flowing across the land into the sea. Earth, rock, lava, salt and steam. Let the heady aroma of this stone inspired candle roll over you with a smoky and warming blend that has an added citrus twist. 


The scent is dark but exciting with the idea of huge formations of rock that take your breath away. 


Always burn in a well-ventilated area and never leave unattended whilst alight. 


Allow to burn for at least two hours before blowing out and always trim the wick and re-centre before allowing to dry. 


Burn Time- 45 hours


Approx. 270g


Measurements: Height: 90mm Width:80mm


100% Soy Wax from sustainable sources

STILL Soy Wax Candle (stone)