heal your body



Arguably one of the most relaxing and nurturing treatments to receive. I wanted to bring this through from my beauty career and take the opportunity to weave the magic of energy balancing reiki and therapeutic grade plant elixirs into this massage rich, comforting procedure.


Adapted seasonally for optimum comfort, this treatment is a beautiful canvas for me to curate the ultimate hour of peace and nourishment for the skin and the soul. 


Deep rest, combined with the delights of Neal's Yard skincare and my own touch of skillfully and mindfully blended face treatment oils.


High vibrational, exquisite doTERRA essential oils and fine organic carriers are blended to nurture any skin type or condition.




An ancient, energy balancing practice originating from Japan. Often referred to as 'life force energy.' It was originally intended as a self healing practice and has since been developed into a complimentary therapy known to have profoundly effective results for many physical, emotional and spiritual maladies.

Reiki isn't so much something i give to you, but rather channelled through me to enable you to encounter your own, treasured, healing experience.

The space is held for you to relax, let go and experience whatever occurs for you beneath the layers of daily life, routine, fast paced existence, anxiety, tension, trauma, emotion and whatever else may be present for you individually. 

Everything is energy, even down to the movement in your cells. Surrendering to this peaceful, restful place is so wonderful for your wellbeing. Spending time in the para-sympathetic nervous system allows your brain, spine, connective tissues, joints and cells to recalibrate. It is vital in this ever stressful world we live in today.